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“There’s NO Business like SNOW business…”

Back at Christmas I posted a little teaser about loving snow and promised to come back to it. Well – it’s time! We’ve just had a 13″ snow this week and, earlier this winter, Adele/I took a little time away … Continue reading

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The Prodigal’s Dad… and GOD

In the fantastic story that Jesus told (Luke 15), there is insight into The Father based on how Jesus portrayed that dad. I know it’s familiar to most readers, but our Father is teaching me something right now and I’m just using this venue … Continue reading

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The Promise, The Realization, and, The Route

I recently sat listening as a pastor simply reviewed the incredible story found in John 11… Lazarus. I am very sure that he said some wonderful, meaningful things. But, the best thing he did for me was to create space… … Continue reading

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“New Perspectives and Pieces of the Mosaic Puzzle”

My friend, Will McRaney, is an evangelism strategist who manages to stand on the fencepost between modern approaches and post-modern approaches without getting chafed! He actually, objectively assesses the pros and cons of each. Basically, he helps churches to have an … Continue reading

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Emancipated Living

The Church where Adele/I met used to sponsor what they called a Watch Night Service each New Year’s Eve. As a teenager I thought, “Hmmm. This is sort of like a lock in, only without all the fun and cool stuff!” … Continue reading

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