Servant? Really?

I was visiting with my friend, Adam, this morning when our conversation took an unexpected turn to servanthood. The question on the table? How do you become a servant? What does a servant look like? How do you know you’ve made it? The questions were part of our shared QUEST – to become/be like Jesus! So, we talked around the topic for a while.

How do you become a servant? We considered ‘studying servanthood’ but found that idea lacking. Our conclusions were that our best hope to become a servant would be to do so by practice! That is, we’ll have to serve if we are ever going to master whatever it might mean to be a servant.

What does a servant look like? That one was easy: Jesus. Holy Spirit inspired Paul to describe it all this way: “Though he [Jesus] was God, he did not demand and cling to his rights as God. He made himself nothing; he took the humble position of a slave…” Phil. 2:6-7 (NLT)

How do you know you’ve made it? The easy answer is once again, “When you are like Jesus.” While that is certainly true, it left us wondering – but how will we know? I heard someone say, many years ago, “you know you are a servant when someone treats you like a servant and you no longer give it a second thought.”

I guess by the very fact that we were having that conversation, neither of us would quite be there yet… but, the very fact that we were having that conversation also suggests we are at least on the way.

Oh how I thank our Father that He has us on the way!


About christmasandicecream

Grace & Peace to you all! I'm Randy. I am a follower of Jesus - sometimes close up and, sadly, sometimes way too far away. My best friend, administrative assistant, partner, and high school sweetheart all live with me and go by the same name: Adele. She and I are part of a relationally-focused, small group based Church family that helps us along spiritual quest. Our boys are both grown now. We have a wonderful daughter-by-marriage and 2 truly GRANDchildren... 1 boy and 1 girl. We are Corgi people and now oversee the care of 1 spoiled Corgi puppy named Elly May. I am a devoted fan of 2 'seasons' in each year: Christmas and baseball!! At my house, a Christmas tree goes up somewhere within days of the close of the Fall Classic (baseball lingo for the World Series) and a Christmas tree stays up all the way through Spring Training. In between it is non-stop celebration of the Incarnation. I live in the Mid-Atlantic part of the U.S.A. and, among other things, work as a coach and consultant with an incredibly diverse network of churches that make up the BCMD. My Church-roots are in the Baptist bucket of the Christian ice cream shop. But, just because I have a favorite flavor, doesn't mean I don’t like them all! I do. I work with things like soul care & leadership development of pastor/pastoral team members; with small, simple, organic models of church life; with relational strategies of spiritual formation; and with the health of the Church. I taught at New Orleans seminary for a decade and have served in local churches for 30 years. I am currently part of the faculty of Rockbridge Seminary – a new kind of seminary for a new kind of Church – where I also play a role on the Academic Council. *I am obliged to note that questions, comments, ideas, views,... just about anything you read here, are mine, and not those of BCMD, RS, any other organization or school I work for, or those of most normal people. Thanks for visiting. Come back again.
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